First Published in Tax Notes on July 18, 2016

Below is a link to my  Tax Notes article that discusses three IRS letter rulings involving the investment tax credit eligibility of reflective roofs that bolster the electricity produced by a related solar project.  Further, in light of the IRS letter rulings, the article makes suggestions

First published in the April 2016 edition of Solar Industry Magazine

Testimony on Feb. 23 to Virginia’s State Corporate Commission from an advisor to the commission described the strategy of Dominion’s Virginia Electric and Power Co. (VEPC) to escape the grasp of the Internal Revenue Code’s normalization rules that prohibit utility-owned and -operated solar projects

First Published in December 2014 in Solar Industry Magazine

On Oct. 31, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released Private Letter Ruling (PLR) 201444025, which was addressed to a manufacturer of solar systems that are mounted on real estate. The nature of the real estate, along with many other interesting facts, was redacted from the

First published in Bloomberg BNA’s  Daily Tax Report on May 15, 2014

David Burton examines a recent private letter ruling where the Internal Revenue Service held that ‘‘zip’’ drywall partition systems are depreciated faster than conventional drywall partitions. He compares the Service’s ruling in the PLR with consistent federal appeals court decisions that preceded it—but

This article was first published by Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report on February 24, 2014

In Private Letter Ruling 201404007, released Jan. 24, the Internal Revenue Service ruled favorably on a securitization structure to raise nonrecourse financing secured by cars subject to leases with a terminal rental adjustment clause (TRAC) provided for in Section 7701(h).